Seventy years ago, the Partition of British India into India and Pakistan at the time of independence caused the largest forced migration in human history. The violence of this era, however, impacted on men and women differently due to the pervasiveness of ideas about izzat (honour), gender-based violence, and perspectives that viewed women as an extension of the physical territory that was being so fiercely contested. It could be argued that women’s stories of their own experiences of Partition have been neglected..


This youth-led exhibition is an effort to contribute towards redressing this imbalance. Aik Saath and Culture Studio CIC have been working together to support young people from Slough to interview women who lived in British India at the time of Partition. Their stories and memories are integrated into this exhibition and provide insights into the experiences of women during this tumultuous era.


The project was delivered by Aik Saath – Together as One and Culture Studio CIC and was supported by a grant from Heritage Lottery Fund.


Download Exhibition Booklet

About the Exhibition

The stories of eleven interviewees have been integrated into an exhibition about women’s experiences of the 1947 Partition of British India into India and Pakistan. The exhibition includes an overview of the events of 1947, including the announcement, the journeys that people made and the violence and suffering that occurred in the aftermath as well as the rebuilding of lives in new countries and communities.


There is an accompanying booklet with the exhibition. Download a copy of the exhibition booklet here.


Download Exhibition Booklet

Information for Venues

Dimensions and Logistics

There are 11 panels in total consisting of text and pictures. The exhibition also incorporates a timeline highlighting major events.


Each panel is approximately 2m (h) x 1.22m (w) in size.


The panels are freestanding and a member of staff will set up and takedown the panels.


The only cost for the exhibition is the transportation from Slough to and from the exhibition venue, although any donations are welcome.


If you are interested in displaying the ‘Partition: Women’s Voices’ exhibition at your venue, please email